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What are the Primary Differences between BLDC Fans and Normal Fans?

What are the Primary Differences between BLDC Fans and Normal Fans?

  • 29 September, 2022
  • Gayathri Pathuri

A few years back, you saw a massive transition from incandescent bulbs to LED lights. Similarly, there have been some changes from normal to BLDC fans. Learning the difference between BLDC fans and normal fans is essential to know why you need to spend some bucks on BLDC fans these days.

Among all the differences you have seen between BLDC vs normal fans, the use of ultra-modern technology is the one that seems to be at the top of the list. The modernised fans are well-equipped with intelligent technology and are known for their aesthetic design. You get the brilliant chance to deck up your home with the brilliant BLDC fans available these days. You will get some bright options under BLDC fans to try out with us at Hawa Fans.

Significant growth in terms of technology:

Once you are sure of the BLDC ceiling fan vs normal ceiling fan, it is time to get your hands on the best one. Well, our team from Hawa Fans would like to offer some quality options under BLDC ceiling fans.

While thinking about modern technology, our BLDC fans are known to have created a buzz. Comparing normal fans vs BLDC fans will help you to make the right choice over here.

Know more about BLDC fans:

Ceiling fans are known to run on two significant types of motors – Brushless Motors and brushed motors. Even though the brushed one has been in this industry for decades, brushless has been a new invention.

  • BLDC mainly stands for Brushless Direct Current Motors.
  • Our models consist of a synchronous motor, which is well-clubbed with DC electric source.
  • A comprehensive power supply will produce an electric signal for the driving motor.
  • Right now, BLDC motors are considered the safest bet and sought-after technology.
  • Among BLDC fans vs normal fans, the BLDC ones from our side will always promise longer shelf life with increased reliability.
  • The housing well supports the BLDC motor windings.
  • This feature will help the motor to cool down by conduction.
  • So, there is no need for internal cooling and it helps in protecting the motor from foreign substances like dirt, dust and more.

Benefits of using BLDC fans:

Our team from Hawa Fans has been dealing with various models under BLDC fans. We are well aware of the benefits that make these fans so popular among the masses these days. Let’s get down to some details first!

  • Enjoy high-end durability with a longer lifespan with BLDC fans
  • There is always a considerable reduction in noise with BLDC motors
  • Improve the reliability quotient with BLDC fans
  • While dealing with BLDC vs normal fans, the BLDC models are always better and come with long backup on the inverters

Checking on the performance:

Have you ever wondered why BLDC motor fans score well in the market over normal fans? Our technology makes the vast difference between a BLDC ceiling fan and a normal ceiling fan.

Apart from technology, you have noise reduction, less electricity consumption, lifespan and efficiency levels to prove the high-end parameters of our BLDC fans.

Get on with unmatched technologies:

BLDC motors are known for their permanent magnet that helps the steering motor, unlike electromagnets found in traditional induction motors of normal fans.

  • This technology will use less power with no loss of heat virtually.
  • Then you have conventional induction motors, which use a lot of power and result in heat loss and poor efficiency.
  • When dealing with a normal fan vs a BLDC fan, you must know that BLDC fans won’t use commutators and brushes. So, the occurrence of mechanical wear is pretty less.
  • The chances of winding up the failure of the BLDC fans are on the lower side. It is mainly because the BLDC motors use higher quality copper wires, unlike the aluminium ones in traditional fans.

Now for the air delivery:

While discussing more BLDC fans vs normal fans, you need to focus on air delivery for a change. Here, BLDC motors and the normal fans will be similar, with slight differences in the working power. Both have an air delivery rate of around 230 to 260 CMM.

  • BLDC fans will have a general airflow rate of around 230 CMM.
  • Then you have some premium model Heleous fans with an airflow rate of about 260 CMM.

Now for the power consumption:

One of the direct advantages of BLDC fans is power consumption. With an average consumption of around 70 to 80 watts, normal fans will not support energy-saving efforts. Then you have our BLDC fans, on the other hand, which will consume about 28 to 40 watts on an average scale and contribute to lower electricity bills.

You will be surprised to know that a 28 WATT BLDC fan from Hawa Fans can quickly help you save nearly 2000 rupees on a yearly count. It is a significant saving for maximum Indian households.

The operations of the inverter:

Focusing on inverter operations is essential while dealing with BLDC vs normal fans. While working on the inverter mode conventional fans, as they get to consume higher energy, it will add an extra burden on the inverter. So, that will drain the battery life a lot faster.

  • Then you have the BLDC fans from us at Hawa Fans, known to consume very little power while running on their inverters.
  • So, now you get the chance to run various BLDC fans at a simultaneous rate throughout your entire household.

This is another reason to consider while focusing on BLDC ceiling fans vs normal ceiling fans and also to know why BLDC fans are highly preferable among the masses.

The ultimate noise control:

While dealing with a normal fan vs a BLDC fan, noise control is another significant difference. Normal fans will make a distinct humming noise, which will be more when you run them on lower-budget inverters.

Then you have the BLDC fans from Hawa Fans making minimalistic noise. So, these fans are mainly categorised as silent motor fans.

Get your best quality BLDC motor fans straight from our house at Hawa Fans. Different models are available under the same umbrella, with other features and price points to address. Give us a call at +91 939-294-4431 to learn more about the models. Choose based on your pre-set plan.


1. What is a BLDC fan?

BLDC ceiling fan consumes less electricity when compared to normal induction fans. It is also known as energy saving fan or brushless DC fan. The full form is Brushless Direct Current.

2. Are BLDC fans better than normal ones?

Traditional fans run on AC motors. But, the BLDC technology will use brushless DC engines. It cuts power consumption by 65%. Furthermore, BLDC winding has thicker copper cables. It ensures a longer lifespan with lower winding issues.

3. Do BLDC fans make noises?

Well-tuned BLDC fans will not make such noises, as the normal induction ones. These fans are not just most energy efficient but also considered noiseless.

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