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Top 5 Reasons to Switch Out to Energy Saving Fans Right Away

Top 5 Reasons to Switch Out to Energy Saving Fans Right Away

  • 28 September, 2022
  • Gayathri Pathuri

India is a tropical country and one of the largest consumers of energy-saving fans these days. The size does not matter, as fans are necessary for every household. Indians are pretty conscious when it is time to purchase a new fan and are ready to evaluate all the aspects. From consuming electricity to the price and final designs, they will check out every point before making a purchase.

Depending on the inevitable use of fans daily, everyone needs to be mindful of energy consumption patterns and ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Going for the energy-saving ceiling fan from our side at Hawa Fans seems to be a clever decision.

We at Hawa Fans would love to offer you some of the best energy-efficient BLDC fans, the finest marks of technological inventions. From saving you a great deal of money to some high-end energy-efficient help, you get it all from our side. Visit us for some details on such fans.

To begin with, let’s talk about the five common reasons to switch to energy-efficient fans these days. Read till the end of the article for some details.

1. High-end investment for the upcoming future:

Once you have started using BLDC fans from Hawa Fans, you will understand the amount of savings you are looking forward to. These fans are your great choice. They are not just known for their high-end efficiency level but also because these fans can help in reducing your current electricity consumption rate.

  • With these power-saving ceiling fans, you will not just save electricity consumption but will spend less on monthly bills for sure.
  • A conventional fan will use around 75V of power, resulting in an annual electricity bill of about 2850 rupees.
  • But, once you have started using our BLDC fans, you will be using 35V of power at the same time and rate, which results in a final cost of 1350 rupees if you are charged 6.5 rupees per unit on average.
  • So, with energy-efficient fans, you can save around 1500 rupees on one fan and about 6000 rupees if you have four fans.

Other than that, the energy-saving fans from us at Hawa Fans will cost you around 3000 rupees. Yes, it might sound expensive compared to conventional fans, but you can recover that amount within two years of purchase through the savings you make on electricity bills.

2. Always an eco-friendly option to consider:

An energy-saving ceiling fan is indeed pretty eco-friendly. So, changing to such fans from the traditional ones is a significant step towards creating a sustainable environment.

  • The energy-saving BLDC fans from our centre at Hawa Fans come with a 5-star rating.
  • It helps in saving around 60% of the energy compared to the current standard or conventional ceiling fans.
  • These fans are known to save more electricity than any normal ceiling fan.

The working quality is also not going to get affected. Instead, you had the opportunity to save money and energy with these power-saving fans for your ceilings.

3. Easy speed control with timer and sleep mode:

Thanks to the remote control, the speed control remains within your hands with the power-saving ceiling fans. The remote is noted to have speeds ranging from 1 to 5, with separate buttons for each.

  • The speed can vary further by toggling the switch to change to the next.
  • Some fans will have a boost mode operation.
  • Here, the fans will run at a higher speed with an added power consumption of around 4 watts.

Then the energy-saving options come with a timer model, which will help to switch the fan off automatically at a pre-determined time. The sleep mode will further help in reducing the fan speed gradually while you sleep. So, there is no need for you to get out of your sleep every time to fix the right fan speed! It helps in not just increase the level of comfort but also reduce power consumption.

4. Enjoy superior technology all the way through:

Everyone knows that a conventional fan is well-equipped with induction motors. These are designed to consume more energy and will further increase electricity costs.

  • Whenever compared, we have energy-saving fans with the Activ BLCD technology that will help in reducing energy consumption by around 50% because of the high-end performance rate.
  • It will use permanent magnets to give you around a 98% input-to-output conversion rate.
  • It means you will lose around 2% of energy when the electricity flows through the modernised fans to help produce high-end air delivery.

It helps in increasing rotations every minute and also lowers wasteful energy consumption. So, next time you are on a mission to save some bucks without compromising on air quality, BLDC fans are the ones to give out a try. Get picture-perfect models from our side at Hawa Fans, and no need to venture again for secondary options from any other competitive store!

5. Designer options by your side:

If you are sick and tired of the old dull look of traditional fans, moving on to the designer energy-saving ceiling fan will be a great call to address. It is one proven way to change the total aesthetic of your home. Various Indian brands have already launched premium designer fans, which are not just great to look at, but also energy efficient. So, waste no time further and invest in an excellent energy-efficient fan to change the look of your space.

Check the brand name and quality of power-saving ceiling fans before making a purchase. It helps you to save big bucks later in terms of electricity bills.

There is a lot more to learn about power-saving ceiling fans, and you will also get to see some of the most promising models from Hawa Fans. There are some great discounted deals on selected models for a limited time frame. Visit website for details on the energy-saving fans. Call us at 1800 889 3911 or enter your suggestions at info@hawafans.com, and we will head back to you ASAP.


How will ceiling fans reduced energy consumption?

The market houses some power-saving ceiling fans, designed to help lower your electricity bills. You should also remember to switch off the fans when not in use as that helps to save extra bucks.

What makes your ceiling fans efficient?

All fans have an efficiency rate to follow. It measures the airflow in cubic feet per minute per one watt for the electrical power used. If the CFM is higher, the fan is targeted to be more energy-efficient. The most efficient fans will have a higher airflow rating or more than 100 cubic feet per minute per watt.

Do ceiling fans use too much electricity?

Ceilings fans won’t use a lot of electricity. On an average, it will be around 0.0311kWh per hour. These fans are inexpensive to run.

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