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How to Save On Your Electricity Bill with Energy Saving Fans?

How to Save On Your Electricity Bill with Energy Saving Fans?

  • 18 August, 2022
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You all are quite aware of the power consumed by a ceiling fan. As saving power is the primary focus of this area, there are some alternative sources to consider, which are energy-efficient. Whenever the summer heat rises, you can’t just bear it any longer. So, lowering your AC temperature seems to be the first thing that crosses your mind.

But, using AC daily will cost you big time. It is one way to increase your electricity bill. But, instead of spending hundreds of rupees on electricity bills every month, you can try investing once in an energy saving fan and you are off to a great start. These fans are highly believed to be lower in cost, high in speed, and energy-efficient to work with.

The power consumption rate is to follow:

On an average scale, an ordinary ceiling fan will cost you somewhat around 75W. So, if you keep the fan on for 12 hours, then the power consumption will be 75W x 12 hours/ day. That will amount to 900-watt hour.

  • If you calculate this amount for one month, then the ceiling fan alone will consume around 27kWh of power.
  • An average size ceiling fan with 70 watts power and 12 hours of operation will translate to 12 rupees extra in your electricity bill.

Instead, focusing on the latest models of energy saving ceiling fan will always act in your favor. It will not just be a saving grace for your pocket, but will also help with high-speed service and create a relaxing environment.

Advanced range of ceiling fans:

Even though currently the world might be on a temporary pause due to the COVID pandemic, your electricity consumption is not, unfortunately. Any change in lifestyle will cause the electricity bill to hike up, no matter when this global crisis will end. With work of home module gaining quite some popularity among the masses, people are spending more time in the comfort of their homes.

Out of all the appliances within your home, the ceiling fan seems to be the best one among the lot. The importance of this product is hard to ignore. So, in order to cope with the increase in electricity consumption and the unwanted bills, getting your hands on energy saving fan from reputed brands will do the trick for you. There are so many delightful perks available once you start using the fans. So, let’s learn about that.

The features to focus at:

Before you get to invest a lump sum amount of money on energy saving ceiling fan, it is vital to check in with the features first. That ensures you make the right decision by investing some bucks in these fans. When compared to standard ones, the energy-saving fans are a bit on the costlier side. The features, mentioned below, will let you know why.

  • Energy-saving fans will be well-equipped with a unique active BLDC motor, which is designed to consume around 50% less energy when compared to some conventional fans.
  • Thanks to the 5-star BEE rating, it is pretty certified that the energy saving fan will promise to deliver all the points made.
  • With a higher power factor of around 0.98, these fans will ensure minimal energy loss while also delivering higher speed performance of around 370 rotations every minute.
  • These features will clearly ensure that you get to save extra money while not compromising on the cooling factor at all.

Some extra features to learn more about:

Other than the super performance level, as mentioned before, the energy saving ceiling fan is available with Point Anywhere Smart Remotes. These fans are known to work on the radio frequency all the time.

  • So, you get to point your remote at any corner of your room and that will start switching the fan on and off.
  • No need to leave the comfort of your bed anymore in the middle of the night, once you have these smart remotes by your side.
  • Apart from higher functionality, these fans will have an aesthetic and sleek design.
  • This purposeful design helps in blending seamlessly into any room of your place.
  • They are not just going to work well, but will look great aesthetically to match the modern outlook of your house around here.

Overall, it is not that hard to state that an energy-saving fan is a major investment from your side right now. It will start to pay for itself within a couple of years of daily use. Furthermore, you get the chance to save on major electricity bills, as an added bonus round. By using 4 fans annually, you get to save a huge chunk of money on the electricity bill, to say the least!

Noted to be eco-friendly as well:

In some of the humid parts of the world, fans are targeted to be one of those appliances that you will be using for hours, at a complete stretch. They are primarily overlooked as active contributors to overall energy consumption. They aren’t just restricted in the household environment, but quite on a national level.

  • So, it has become a necessity to invest in a more energy-efficient and better alternative to make no compromise on air delivery quality and function.
  • By currently using less electricity, energy-saving fans can always help in contributing to the preservation of the environment and also check on the natural resources of the planet.

The added features to seal the deal:

From all the points mentioned above, you can rest assured that these energy-saving fans are like saving grace. But, how will you know which one to choose for your place? Well, there are some technical features you need to check into, which blend seamlessly into your place with aesthetic design. Furthermore, the sleek blades are easy to wipe down the dust and come with anti-dust technology too. With proper remote controls, you get to replace regulators and enjoy services from anywhere in the room.

Quality energy saving fans from Hawa Fans:

HAWA Smart Fans are designed meticulously to provide you with the utmost comfort, no matter whatever you are doing daily. With some of the smart features being our main highlighted points, we have designed the fans in ways you can relate to and have energy savings and maximum air deliver all the time. So, you just need to sit back and relax, and let the smart fans do the rest!

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