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A commitment to quality

Every Hawa fan is backed by our firm commitment to quality materials and manufacturing. Our product support pages include warranty information, product recall specifics, and answers to commonly asked questions about our outstanding collection of fans.

Warning: DO NOT use the fan regulator as the fan is operated using a smart remote. Eliminate the regulator by using direct connection from the switch to the fan!




Product Troubleshooting & Maintenace

    Your ceiling fan is designed to last very long with a strong body and well tested electronics, however to verify any problem arises please refer to the guideline shared.
    Please contact a local electrician or service engineer if you need any help.
    Periodic cleaning of your ceiling fan is the only maintenance needed.
    When cleaning use only a soft lint free cloth or brush to avoid scratching the smooth paint finish.
    You can use moist cloth to remove stains if any. However do not use water directly.
    Abrasive cleaning agents are not required and should be avoided to prevent damage to outer finish.
    Do not use water when cleaning your ceiling fan. It could damage the motor by causing a short circuit and create a possibility of an electrical shock.
    Do not bend the blades while cleaning. Bent in the blade may result in an unstable fixing and fan wobbling affecting the air delivery.

Frequently asked questions

These frequently asked questions and answers are geared toward the end user. For showroom-specific questions, contact Hawa directly.


What do I do if my fan does not start?

1: If your fuse is down or MCB is shut off, you can check the fuse of MCB on the mains. If the fan still does not start, please connect the service line number provided on the first page of the product manual.

2: The regulator is connected to the fan. If so, it’s recommended that the regulator should not be connected to this ceiling fan and is controlled using a remote provided with it.

3: The bearing inside the fan that has a problem. If so, this ceiling fan is designed for a very long use. However, over many years of use, the bearing may wear off and need to be replaced.

How should I clean the blades on my fan?

Dust them regularly with a feather duster or soft dusting brush.

Can I reverse the fan with my handheld remote control or wall control?

The Alset, and The Atlov can all be reversed using the hand-held remote.

Can any Hawa fans be operated by a remote control?

All Hawa fans can use remotes except for the: Ogara.


What is the warranty on my Hawa fan?

All Hawa fans have a 3 year warranty. Please click here. Our technical support department may be reached at 1800 889 3911 to assist you with diagnosing and resolving any technical issues with our products.


Do you have any BLDC motor ceiling fans?

Yes, All of Hawa Fans are BLDC motor fans.

What is the advantage of using a DC ceiling fan?

The BLDC fans generate more power and torque than conventional ceiling fan motors while consuming 70% of the power. They are virtually silent. They require less electrical current by utilizing an internal array of magnets of opposing polarity. Most of our BLDC fans are energy star rated which will help with electrical costs.

Is a downrod and/or extension pole included with every Hawa fan?

Yes, All of the ceiling fans come with a extension pole.

Where can I find the owner’s manual and the specification sheet for your products?

Please go to www.hawafans.com and click on product support in the menu bar. From there a drop down bar will appear and you will be able to click on owner’s manuals, Spec Sheets, Technical Questions, FAQ’s, Warranties, and Instruction Sheets.

What does CFM rating mean when refering to a ceiling fan?

Ceiling fan air movement is measured in CFM’s (Cubic Feet per Minute). The greater the CFM, the more air the fan is moving.

Do your BLDC fans come with remotes?

All of our BLDC fans come with a hand-held remote.

Are LED lights included in the HAWA smart fan?

Yes, all smart fans come with inbuilt LED light for speed indication except for: Ogara.

Support documents

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