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What makes a BLDC fan suitable for southern India?

What makes a BLDC fan suitable for southern India?

  • 27 June, 2022
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Southern India has four distinct seasons, though the tropical climate means that these seasons rarely have extreme temperatures. Usually, in summers, the power bills of households will be high due to the fact of rising temperatures. 

If you want to cool your home or office without spending a fortune, or you don’t want to worry about wiring outages and high power bills, or maybe the thought of having a noisy fan hanging in your living room or kitchen doesn’t appeal to you.

You need an energy-efficient alternative that is also reliable. In short, you’re looking for the perfect BLDC fan for the Southern India climate. 


1. What is a BLDC Fan?

BLDC stands for Brushless Direct Current. It’s an electrically-operated fan that uses a motor with permanent magnets, rotors, and windings to produce a continuous power flow, with no physical contact between moving parts and brushes.

The BLDC motor is electrically controlled by a controller, which converts the input voltage into currents to drive the motor’s coils.

2. Advantages of BLDC fans

BLDC fans have advantages over other types of fans:

  • BLDC motors are more efficient.
  • They exhibit no heat loses
  • They operate Noiselessly 
  • It has no mechanical or magnetic drag. 

3. What makes BLDC fans most suitable for Southern India?

BLDC fans are considered to be the most suitable fans in Southern India. From energy efficiency and longevity to saving electricity and being environmentally friendly, BLDC fans have it all covered.

Energy efficiency

Compared to the northern parts of India, the Southern parts experience high temperatures. There is a high need for BLDC fans in Southern India because the conventional fans consume 80W, whereas the BLDC fans consume 28W of energy.

The BLDC fan is more energy-efficient than other types of fans. This means that you will be able to save a lot of money on your electricity bills by using this fan instead of a regular one. It saves energy up to 65% more than the conventional fan. 


BLDC fans use a brushless DC motor with no moving parts, making them highly durable and long-lasting. They also have low maintenance requirements as there are no belts or pulleys to replace regularly or repair if damaged or worn out due to excessive use over time.

This means you won’t have any worries about replacing the fan if it stops working within the first few months after purchase, as is often the case with conventional ceiling fans in India.

Saves electricity

The permanent magnet DC motors used in BLDC fans are highly efficient, which means they use less electricity than conventional AC motors of a similar size used in regular ceiling fans. This translates into huge savings on your electricity bill every month!

BLDC fans use around 90% less electricity than an AC. You will also be able to save on repair and maintenance costs when using these fans over the long term. 

This makes them ideal for residential and commercial use, especially in places with high energy costs, such as southern India, where temperatures are high throughout most of the year.

Environmental friendly

Its high efficiency makes the BLDC fan technology suitable for southern India. This means the fan will run cooler and become more energy-efficient in hot climates like Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh.

Hawa Fans is one such BLDC fan in southern India because of its long-lasting motor and 90% energy efficiency. This means that it will not only save on electricity costs but will also be environmentally friendly.

The most important requirements are uniform airflow patterns, low starting current, and low power consumption during operation, which all serve the purpose while using our Hawa fan.


All Hawa fan products come with a 3-year warranty against manufacturing defects and are covered by our 100% replacement policy against any manufacturing defects found within seven days from the installation date at your premises by our authorized service partner.

Money-back guarantee

By purchasing Hawa fans, you will be able to get 100% of your money back within 18 months.

For more details on purchasing Hawa fans, visit our website or contact us at +91 939-294-4431

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