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Using BLDC ceiling fans saves energy up to 65%

Using BLDC ceiling fans saves energy up to 65%

  • 28 June, 2022
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For years, ceiling fans have created a comfortable environment for individuals in spaces. If you have been searching for an energy-efficient ceiling fan, then take some time to read on.

Ceiling fans have come a long way in recent years and have a lot of flexibility in their design. But with the recent invention of BLDC ceiling fans, more benefits can be derived from creating a comfortable environment.

To note, BLDC stands for brushless direct current. This type of ceiling fan has unique features that have made it popular in many places.

BLDC fans: A revolution in the Ceiling fan Industry

The ceiling fan industry has significantly contributed to energy savings and CO2 emissions reduction. However, the ceiling fan industry still has a long way to go regarding energy efficiency.

The traditional ceiling fans use AC motors, which are not very efficient. They consume a lot of electricity to rotate the blades and produce airflow.

There is a revolution in the ceiling fan industry, and it’s all about BLDC fans. With BLDC fans, you can save a significant amount on your electricity bill.

Did you know that using BLDC fans in the ceiling fan industry can save you up to 65 percent of energy? Also, did you know that BLDC fans can lower your monthly electricity bill?

These are why more and more people are choosing BLDC fans as an efficient alternative to regular ceiling fans. Statistics show that electricity costs are around 20% of the total annual bill for a typical household.

Many times this is because inefficient equipment and appliances are being used. In the case of ceiling fans, this is simply due to the BLDC fan technology being used in the market today.

The BLDC Ceiling fan saves up to 65% of your electricity bill cost just with the ceiling fan? A BLDC fan can reduce the need for air conditioning, significantly saving utility bills even in summer.

Benefits of using BLDC fans

There are many benefits associated with using BLDC ceiling fans. Some of these include Energy efficiency, Longer lifespan, Quick operation, and so on.

  • Energy savings: Using this type of fan will significantly save your energy bills because they consume up to 65% less energy than standard ceiling fans. This means lower heat loss through windows, doors, and walls, as well as reduced heating costs during the winter months.
  • Longer lifespan: Another benefit is that these fans last longer than traditional ceiling fans because they don’t require maintenance and have fewer moving parts. This means that you won’t have to worry about buying new ones anytime soon! You’ll also enjoy the same level of comfort throughout the year without having to worry about buying new ones every couple of years like most other types of fans do!
  • Quick operation: Another advantage of BLDC motors is that they can be controlled electronically through pulse width modulation (PWM), which allows them to be switched on and off very quickly by changing their speed according to temperature changes in the room.
  • Noiseless fans: These motors have no brushes at all! This means that there is no friction between any part of the motor and any part of your ceiling fan! Therefore no noise is observed even at higher speeds.
  • Simple design: These motors use permanent magnets instead of electromagnets or coils like in AC induction motors (which are also used in most other types). This makes them much simpler in design as well as much more efficient!

Environmental impact of BLDC ceiling fans

The use of BLDC fans has increased worldwide due to their efficiency and low maintenance requirements. These motors are also highly durable and reliable because they do not require lubrication or maintenance. Once installed, they can operate for decades without requiring any maintenance whatsoever!

BLDC motors are also more environmentally friendly than conventional AC motors because they do not contain moving parts and therefore have no carbon emissions.

Thus, BLDC ceiling fans represent a considerable industrial revolution as power consumption is a big issue nowadays. People are increasing their power bills and must be very careful about high utility bills.

There is a need to use energy-efficient appliances in your home as they consume less electricity than traditional ones. Energy savings are possible by 65% using Hawa fans that use BLDC motor technology in their manufacturing which is far ahead of other fan manufacturers.

When a choice is available in the market, and you don’t know what to pick? Hawa fans are a reliable option to go for an upgrade. These BLDC ceiling fans come up with better performance and new technology. Our primary mission is to help households save money using these BLDC technology Hawa fans.

For more details about BLDC technology and Hawa fans, please visit our website.

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