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Top 5 benefits of using BLDC fans in monsoon

Top 5 benefits of using BLDC fans in monsoon

  • 21 July, 2022
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As our bodies need extra care during the monsoon season, so do our homes due to several things that occur during this time. In addition to germs and bacteria, moisture and dampness can leave a musty smell in a room, around furniture, clothes, mattresses, etc.

Despite the unpleasant odor, the mugginess, on the other hand, weakens the walls, rusts iron objects, and much more. Fixing this dampness can be expensive if the problem escalates too much. It is, therefore, best to take precautions.

Here is the solution that will help you keep your home dry during the monsoon, i.e., using BLDC fans which are energy efficient compared to ordinary ceiling fans. BLDC fans are the best alternative to electrically operated ceiling fans compared to pedestal and table fans as they offer numerous advantages over other types of fans.

What are BLDC Fans?

BLDC fans are the latest technology used in the fan industry. It is a type of electric motor used for various applications, including industrial and commercial settings.

The BLDC (Brushless Direct Current) motor is an electronically commutated motor that relies on electronic control to achieve precise speed control and high torque density.

Top 5 benefits of using BLDC fans in monsoon

1. Maintenance is easy

These are low-maintenance fans because they do not have moving parts like bearings or bushings; hence, they don’t require regular lubrication or cleaning, unlike other types.

BLDC fans are made of a robust aluminum body that makes them rust-free in all seasons and is easy to maintain. These fans are also protected from dust and water damage during monsoons.

As a result, they can last for years without experiencing any problems. You can also quickly fix minor issues like loose wires etc., without separating the unit for repair or replacement purposes.

2. Despite voltage fluctuations, it works fine

A BLDC fan works at any voltage between 90V and 240V, making it suitable for both AC and DC supply systems. This means you will never have to worry about your fan ceasing to work due to power fluctuations during monsoons!

3. Easy remote access 

BLDC fans come with remotes that allow you to control the fan speed from anywhere in your room. If you have a smartphone, you can also use it to control your fan and manage its settings from anywhere.

4. Magic of reverse mode operation

During monsoon, the incidents of contracting breathing-related allergies increase with the drop-in temperature and increase in the dampness in the air. Hence, keeping the ceiling fans clean for fresh air during the season is challenging.

The construction of these fans is similar to that of DC motor fans, but they have additional circuitry for controlling their speed and direction based on input signals from a controller (like PWM).

BLDC ceiling fans are also known for their magic of reverse mode operation. These fans can run in both directions, forward and backward.

This can be very useful during rainy seasons when your roof gets wet and damps your home. The BLDC ceiling fan will dry your room quickly by reversing the airflow direction whenever required.

The magic of BLDC fans is that they can be operated in reverse mode, which means they can be used as an exhaust fan or a suction fan. When operated in reverse, the fan cleanses itself, and thus dust is wiped away from the fan, making it clean.

This way, you can clean the fan without effort owing to less maintenance risk. It also cools your room during the hot season in normal mode and warms it during the cold season in reverse mode.

5. BLDC fans are the best when it comes to monsoon

BLDC fans work on the principle of electromagnetism to produce a rotating magnetic field that rotates the fan blades at high speeds. This results in the generation of high-velocity airflow for cooling purposes.

At times of frequent power outages and voltage fluctuations, BLDC fans are ideal for use during monsoon seasons. This is because they reduce the load on your inverter while running during night hours when no electricity is available.

If you are thinking of buying a BLDC fan, Hawa fans are the perfect brand to lean on. They are energy-efficient fans that consume only 28W of energy which is 50% less than traditional fans. They ensure long life and noiseless operation as they don’t have brushes or bearings and emit no heat losses.

They run three times longer on an inverter battery and give constant output even at fluctuating voltage inputs, which is the need of the hour for monsoon seasons. Thus Hawa fans stand out as the perfect choice for your monsoon needs. For more information on Hawa fans, visit our website.

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