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6 Advantages of the Modest BLDC Fans Over Standard Induction Fans

6 Advantages of the Modest BLDC Fans Over Standard Induction Fans

  • 18 May, 2022
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The most energy-efficient ceiling fans currently available are fans that use brushless direct current electric motors (BLDC motors). This technology requires an electronic motor controller to drive the rotor. They are based on an alternative principle of operation known as asynchronous induction motors.

BLDC fans are widely considered the perfect solution for many ventilation needs. They are robust, compact, fail-safe, and quiet. Electricity is converted into rotational mechanical energy, and this is then used for airflow delivery. A BLDC fan can be installed inside or outside a building and blows either through a duct or directly onto people.

Standard induction fan designs are simple, frequent, and cheap. Their widespread use comes from the fact that they lack moving parts and therefore have a meager failure rate. However, their performance is lacking compared to BLDC fans.

These fans are called BLDC (Brushless Direct Current) because the only way used to ensure the reliability and efficiency of BLDC fans is by using brushes. BLDC motor ceiling fans are up to 50% more energy efficient than regular induction motor fans. They also require less maintenance, produce less heat and run quieter than standard induction motor fans. Let’s see the features mentioned above in detail:

65% more energy efficient

The Brushless DC Motor (BLDC) is up to 65% more efficient than an induction motor of similar size and power. It is designed to ensure minimal energy consumption of up to 26W-28W. Therefore saves 65% on energy costs compared to conventional fans. The BLDC requires less energy to operate because it uses direct current rather than alternating current like the induction motor. The direct current goes straight to the motor, creating less static friction and heat loss. The speed of the motor can also be controlled by adjusting the voltage—this feature is not possible with an induction motor, which generates its electromagnetic field while running. Because it is variable speed, the BLDC can reach higher speeds with lower energy consumption than a standard induction fan.

Less maintenance

Reversible operation is available for this fan. The machine gets automatically cleaned when operated in reverse, saving on maintenance costs. Also, an induction motor has brushes that wear out over time because of mechanical friction and arcing, making it necessary to change them periodically. Brushless DC motors don’t have these parts, so they last longer than their induction counterparts, sometimes up to 50 times longer!

No heat loses

A BLDC fan is also expected to have a much longer life span than a traditional fan since the motor does not heat up. Because of the absence of motor windings with brushes, there is no heat generated due to friction or arcing. So, the BLDC fan runs more remarkably than an induction fan, which again ensures a longer life span for your ceiling fan!        

Noiseless operation

The BLDC fan operates quietly because it has no brushes or commutators to create noise during operation. It does not have any mechanical parts that rub against each other when spinning—the only moving part is the rotor, which can spin much faster than other motors without creating as much noise and vibration.

Runs 3 times longer

One of the essential advantages of BLDC is the ability of the fan to run 3 times longer on an inverter battery compared to that of traditional fans. Not just that, the fan also provides consistent performance even at low voltage and power fluctuation.

Smart Electronics

Every feature in our fans screams smart and this is due to the PCBs installed in them. PCBs are very efficient and economical, increase the lifetime of the product, and make it easier for the devices to connect and communicate with each other, truly making them chic.

Hawa fans offer a wide range of BLDC fans in various colors that add beauty to your house. For more information on BLDC technology, check the website.

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